White Bay Power Station

The White Bay Power Station (located at Robert Street, Rozelle) and the surrounding lands to White Bay foreshore are the most recognised of the Precinct’s landmark areas. By creating a new landmark for Sydney that draws on the whole Precinct’s working heritage, we can enshrine the area’s history while demonstrating a resilience and flexibility to adapt for the future.


Experience the White Bay Power Station’s internal spaces and surrounds. Take our virtual tour to see what the Power Station looks like today.


To unlock the potential of the White Bay Power Station to recognise its history in an authentic way.


  • Providing a hub for knowledge-intensive and advanced technological industries
  • Adaptively re-using the State-listed heritage of the White Bay Power Station
  • Providing housing choices to support and attract talent for a knowledge-intensive destination
  • Merging with the Bays Waterfront Promenade in a new activated forecourt that provides access to the water
  • Reviewing opportunities for a new ferry service


Vacant and derelict buildings open a window to the past, and in many cases represent classic architecture and design that stand the test of time. We will work with Sydneysiders and the Power Station’s ultimate users to remediate and rehabilitate the structures and create a Destination alive with jobs, community areas and places to socialise, learn and relax.

We envisage a new activated forecourt that extends to the water and forms part of the Bays Waterfront Promenade, linking White Bay Power Station to White Bay, Balmain and the CBD. Possibly for the first time, the landmark buildings and chimneys could offer visitors and workers access to views across the Harbour to the CBD.

We want White Bay Power Station to be the best example in Sydney of how living, working and learning can be woven together to create a prosperous and thriving economy. A global and regional destination within the Asia-Pacific that co-locates research, business, education, science, academia, technology and start-up incubators to drive global competitiveness and innovation is part of our vision for this Destination.

We aspire to anchor the knowledge-intensive industries of White Bay Power Station with a potential new technological and innovation district, complemented by port and maritime industries, centred at Glebe Island.



From October 2015 to February 2016, UrbanGrowth NSW ran a Request for Proposals (RFP) to transform the White Bay Power Station. The RFP attracted 13 submissions from Australian and international organisations. In June 2016, UrbanGrowth NSW announced that the RFP process had been closed, as it did not produce a submission that met our vision for the site.

We have now taken on the role of master developer of the Power Station site, and will transform the building and surrounding land in a staged development to attract a diverse range of tenants who will meet this vision.

RFP documents:


UrbanGrowth NSW, as master developer of the Power Station site, will work with the private sector to transform the Power Station and its surrounds. UrbanGrowth NSW intends to break the project into separate parcels of land in a staged development to attract a diverse range of developers and tenants, and our initial focus will be on repurposing the Power Station building.


  • Develop the site in stages, starting with the White Bay Power Station building
  • Identify suitable occupants for the Power Station building
  • Prepare a plan for bringing the building back to life through decontamination and remediation

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