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White Bay Power Station Virtual Tour

Venture inside the depths of the White Bay Power Station without a hard hat, overalls and breathing mask. View our two minute virtual tour.


White Bay Power Station Industry Briefing

White Bay Power Station Request for Proposals – Industry Briefing held on Friday 30 October 2015 (video length – 56 minutes)

White Bay Power Station Student Visions

UNSW & UTS students imagine the future – showcased as part of the industry briefing on White Bay Power Station.

Call for Great Ideas

UNSW Students visit White Bay Power Station

UNSW students present their ideas for the White Bays Power Station

Sir Bob Parker, Chair of the Independent Assessment Panel for the Call for Great Ideas

Call for Great Ideas

The Bays Precinct Sydneysiders Summit

Views from Industry Stakeholders

Locality Stakeholders

Video Booth Feedback

Views from university students & youth

Schools Participation

White Bay Cruise Terminal

Rozelle Bay & Bays Waterways, Rozelle Rail Yards, Glebe Island

Feedback on the Transformation Plan

The Bays Precinct: Sydneysiders Summit

Transforming City Living: The Bays Precinct

Part 1: Industry Stakeholders Forum

Part 2: Q&A Industry Stakeholders Forum

Destinations: Bays Waterfront Promenade

Short Talk: Bays Waterfront Promenade

Destinations: Bays Market District

Short Talk: Bays Market District

Destination: White Bay Power Station

Short Talk: White Bay Power Station

Part 1: Locality Stakeholders Forum

Part 2:  Q&A Locality Stakeholders

International Delegates

The Bays Precinct Sydney Discovery Day

The Bays Precinct Sydney Discovery Day – White Bay Power Station

The Bays Precinct Sydney Discovery Day – Sydney Fish Market

The Bays Precinct Sydney Discovery Day – Memories

The Bays Precinct Sydney Discovery Day – Council

The Bays Precinct Sydney Discovery Day

What the kids had to say!

International Summit Highlights

Highlights from The Bays Precinct Sydney International Summit 2014

Joe Berridge, Partner, Urban Strategies & Fellow, Public Policy & Governance, University of Toronto

Donald Hylsop, Head of Regeneration and Renewal at Tate Galleries

Mark Randel, Partner, David Chipperfield Architects

Charles Landry, Director of Comedia & author of ‘The Creative City’

Peter Newman OA – Professor of Sustainability, Curtin University

Alexandre Sorrentino, Head of International & Strategic Foresight, Euroméditerranée, Marseille

Gershon Cohen, Head of Infrastructure Funds, Aberdeen Assets Management Plc

Diane Barrett, Chief Project Officer, City & County of Denver

Diane Barrett, Chief Project Officer, City & County of Denver

Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney

Sydneysiders Summit: White Bay Cruise Terminal

Short Talk: Bays Waterfront Promenade

The Bays Precinct International Summit – Day 1

Kelly Bayer Rosmarin – Financing of Urban Transformation – Key Elements

David Larocca – Forms of Funding for Infrastructure & Urban Transformation

David Murray – Attracting Finance for Urban Renewal Projects

Dianne Barrett – Denver Union Station Redevelopment – Private Public Partnership

David Joy – LCR Financing of Urban Transformation Projects

Michael Buehler – Global Financing of Infrastructure and Urban Transformation

The Bays Precinct International Summit – Day 2

Charles Landry – New Approaches to Health, Urban Planning & the Creative Industries

Thomas McKnight – Partnering for Innovation, Reflections of Roosevelt Island

Joe Berridge – How innovation/technology institutions are changing our futures

Graham Turk – A Plan for Sydney Fish Market

Robin Hambleton – Global Trends & Governance of Urban Transformation

Lincoln Leong – Property Development as an Infrastructure Funding Source – MTR’s Approach

Alexandre Sorrentino – The Urban Transformation of Marseille, France

Charles Landry – The Role of Imagination & Creativity in Urban Transformation

Joe Berridge – Transformation of Global City Waterfronts & Harbours

The Bays Precinct International Summit – Day 3

Rita Justesen – Creating World Class Urban Areas to live and work in and exciting to visit

Robin Mortimer – Ports as a part of Living Cities

Greg Nickels – Leading Transition to a Liveable City

Clover Moore – Living in Australia’s Global City

Mark Randel – City Transformation: Lessons from Berlin and Shanghai

Donald Hyslop – Transforming Critical Assets

John Campbell – The Government’s Role in Transforming Toronto’s Waterfront

Peter Walker – Essentials for Waterfront Transformation

Lucy Turnbull – Sydney as a productive, growing, liveable global city

The Bays Precinct Sydney

The Bays Precinct Sydney – English

The Bays Precinct Sydney – Chinese

The Bays Precinct Sydney – Vietnamese

The Bays Precinct Sydney – Hindi

The Bays Precinct Sydney – Italian

The Bays Precinct Sydney – Arabic

History of The Bays Sydney