Rozelle Bay & Bays Waterways

The Rozelle Bay and Bays Waterways Destination is home to many maritime and harbour industries. The foreshore and waterways are actively used for recreational fishing, private recreation craft, including superyachts, NSW Government patrol vessels and maritime industries including the Heritage Fleet.


The transformation has the potential to integrate a viable mix of new land and maritime uses including a mix of commercial, open space and other living uses, with working harbour industries and on-water recreation facilities. It would also include better public access to the waterfront and waterways. Improvements to water quality are also a key objective.


  • Integrating living and working side by side with maritime uses
  • Providing new and upgraded maritime infrastructure
  • Providing staged public waterfront access
  • Improving water quality


This Destination is identified in The Transformation Plan: The Bays Precinct Sydney as a medium-term priority with works commencing in 2019 and beyond.